What is RDI®
professional training?

A career path for individuals looking to change lives.

relationship development intervention

Change lives while empowering special needs children and their parents!

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Develop Intrinsic Motivation

Classes will prepare professionals to work with special needs children and their parents.

Training In Relationship Development

We will equip trainees to empower parents through meaningful engagements.

Build Dynamic Intelligence

Training includes learning the theoretical foundations behind Dynamic Intelligence.

Have you got a professional background?

The RDIconnect® Training Program is a unique educational program available for adults with credentials in a broad range of professional backgrounds and specialty areas. At the end of the program, students will gain certification that allows them to work with families using the Relationship Development Intervention Program.

Looking for your most rewarding consulting role yet?

We train in general consulting principles including: ethics and managing the Certification Process, productive client communication, developing responsibility contracts, sensitive clinical interviewing, avoiding the 'instant expert' trap, and maintaining a 'win-win' position where both consultant and the family are cared for.


Katie began the program as a non-communicative 3.5 year old and is now a happy, healthy young adult! Simply click on the image to download this case study and learn more about Katie’s experience with RDI®.

Why clients are loving us

Probably more accurately, after doing RDI for a few years, we felt we seemed to just “get it”, more importantly “get” Liam and incorporate all that we learned just naturally into our everyday lives. I suppose that’s the beauty of RDI.
Has Your Family Been Effected By Autism
F.I. and E.R.
Elora, Ontario
We truly feel that under the guidance of our consultant, Lisa Palasti, we have created for Jack and our family a true quality of life. Update: Jack is doing very well! It’s amazing to see how able he is to self-regulate in comparison to where he was when we started RDI.
carving pumpkins
Andrea and Marc
Toronto, Ontario
She had a deep knowing of how to adjust herself to help him feel at ease, to allow him to feel the joy of connecting and interacting which ultimately led to an explosion of learning in all facets of life.
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Lisa was also tremendously helpful in helping us teach Felix’s teachers not only how to help him but how to enjoy having him in their class.
mom and son
Sue and Andre
Ottawa, Ontario
I just had to email you and share …this morning my jaw dropped and my heart flipped when saying goodbye to my daughter, she stopped eating her breakfast, looked up at me – I mean truly looked at me – and said “I love you too!” This was a first and I attributed it all to the communication changes and recommendations you have given us. Thank you Lisa!
Kitchener, Ontario
Thanks for all you have done for our family! We are very grateful to have chosen RDI and to have worked with you.
family at home
Jane M.
Guelph, Ontario

Frequently asked questions

What's included in the training?

Training includes learning the theoretical foundations behind the core principles and goals of our programs as they apply to neural development, Dynamic Intelligence, communication, early childhood development, etiology and pathogenesis and myths vs. science.

How much does it cost?

The training course is $2,500 USD. We offer several payment plans that must be complete before the start of the course. They are outlined during the registration process. If scholarships for the Professional Training Course Part I become available, they are awarded on a first come, first serve basis upon request

Is the training in person or online?

A combination of lectures, small group discussions, actual parent training sessions, video reviews and case studies will equip trainees to empower parents through meaningful engagements. We meet each Wednesday evening virtually.

Are there other RDI training options?

We are proud to be the only RDI official training centre in Canada and we offer training internationally as well.


RDI® Professional Training Outline

Classes will prepare you to work with special needs children and their parents and focused on the remediation of Autism’s core deficits. Download the RDI Professional Training Outline.