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Hear from RDI Professionals:

Lisa’s years of expertise, compassion and patience continue to shine through in my experience with the RDI professional training program with her lead. Lisa’s use of an individual growth promoting teaching style really helped me , and each student , grow at our own pace in a cohesive way.  Lisa truly met me where I was at, and supported my growth in manageable steps as I proudly celebrated my certification in the spring of 2022. I felt very supported and understood throughout my certification process, and continue to feel this way as part of my Canadian RDI certified consultant community.

Michelle Badali, E.C.E., B.C.a.B.A.
Board Certified associate Behaviour Analyst
RDI™ Certified Consultant

I first learned about RDI through a fellow consultant whom was also trained by you (Robin). Thrilled by the observable improvements in my clients through her work, I was inclined to learn more. At this time, I had been experiencing some gaps in service and difficulty with follow through at home. I felt like there was a misconnection, but I wasn’t sure how to obtain it. It was confusing and difficult. After several attempts in several ways I found myself being able to regulate a child but limited in my ability to guide the child and would often end on their terms/agenda. I began by reading both coregulation and declarative language books by Linda Murphy. Discussions with Robin had lead to an understanding that RDI was similarly aligned practice with our current values and our organization decided to fund two staff for the full training. 

I have been working with my supervision family for nearly a year now. It has been an incredible experience thus far. I have seen immense growth and my supervision family has completely restructured their lives to meet the needs of their child in a way I have never seen. They truly value the RDI approach and their success and progress through the program really highlights this. I am also able to apply several of the principles with my other clients and honestly my own children for day-to-day engagements. I feel that the way I engage with people now has also changed in a positive way. 

The RDI program offers a substantial understanding to the impact of ASD on children and their families. A perspective that has shifted my practice and enhanced my understanding of autism even after 13 years of working with this population. This program is well laid out and has a lot of evidence based practice which is very important to my practice. The assignments are a very supportive model and Lisa has provided exceptional support. Her thorough feedback and observations never seize to amaze me. On several occasions I have asked Lisa questions and she is always approachable, patient, kind, and provides incredible knowledge and resources that at substantial. Her knowledge in this program is fascinating. I only hope to practice such as her one day. The RDI program offers much more reflection than I am sure most people are used to. I think I have learned the power of reflection and we should try to implement it more often. Uploading videos was certainly a learning curve, but again the power of using videos is incredible. I think every clinician should use this approach for self reflection as well as allowing parents reflection and providing appropriate feedback that they can review in real time. 

The RDI program has offered me incredible knowledge, skills, and abilities working with this population in a pivotal way. I would recommend this approach for anyone looking to enhance their practice, learn more about ASD and how this approach can positively impact the lives of people impacted by ASD as well as their families. Learning to be a guide is a strong skill that the RDI program sets to offer. You will learn more than you can imagine through the expertise of Lisa. I would HIGHLY recommend it.

Justine Slewidge
Occupational Therapist

Hi Lisa,

I have few words to explain how very grateful I am to have met you, to be learning from you, and to have this life-changing opportunity to become an RDI Consultant. My brain felt ‘full’ by the end of the week :). My heart is full now as I reflect on what I’ve learned and everything you’ve put into our training so far. RDI is changing me as an SLP and a person.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge, your work, and yourself with us.

Robin Walker, M.Sc., Reg. CASLPO
Speech-Language Pathologist

When I applied for RDI Consultant Training program, I had been out of school for about 15 years. I was worried about how I could manage the pace of the training. Throughout the training, you supported me to study at my own pace.  If some time had elapsed and you did not hear from me for a while, you always sent me emails and asked me how my training was going. I remember clearly you told me a few times “ask me questions, that’s what I am for” or “contact me when you have problems, I am here”. Because of your willingness to support me and always being available, I became more and more confident to guide my supervision family and case study family on their RDI journey. 

You also always gave me encouragement. When I had questions and frustrations, you guided me through it with your own experience. That was very helpful and inspiring. 

Although I have many years of being a RDI parent, my RDI knowledge has been piece by piece. You helped me weave the pieces together and recognize the big picture. Your knowledge helped me bring it all together. You shared your expertise and experience with me and also the resources you have been collecting for many years. As a consultant in training, these resources have been extremely helpful in my journey.  Your commitment to sharing has exceeded my expectations.  

Over the course of my supervision as I have submitted my projects, your feedback and recommendations have been prompt.  The responses have been specific and insightful.  You also have expanded my understanding on how to implement goals and objectives specific to my families.  

As I approach the final steps of my training, I was really moved by the way you answered my questions about one of my final projects and assignments. You gave me ideas, thoughts, strategies, explanations and examples.

I feel so fortunate to have been mentored by you through my RDI Professional training. Thank you for everything!

Q. Zhang 
Edmonton, AB 

I just want to thank you for all your feedback, comments and recommendations. Your guidance style and direct feedback has been really helpful for me.  

Thank you for the kind words and all of your support and encouragement through this training process. I really admire your passion and dedication, and look forward to our future work together. 

Adrianne K.
Vancouver, BC

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