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“During my long nights of research, I stumbled onto a little know program based in Huston, Texas, called RDI which stood for Relationship Development Intervention that now has become an International Parent-Based treatment program for children with Autism. RDI and Lisa Palasti, the RDI consultant that Terry and I visited every 2 weeks in Kitchener for 10 years was instrumental in transforming Katie into the loving, quirky, independent, brilliant, funny, sweet young adult she is today.”
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Katie's Mother

Ready to Learn More?

Ready to learn more about RDI and how it can have a positive impact on both children and their families? Download the case study below to learn more about Katie’s experience with RDI. Katie began the program as a non-communicative 3.5 year old and is now a happy, healthy young adult! Simply click on the image below to access the full case study PDF. You can also check out the corresponding YouTube videos here.

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