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‘All About Me’ Instructions

‘All About Me’ Instructions…

Last week I shared some day to day strategies that families can begin to incorporate now to help their kids transition back to school later (well sooner rather than later!) This week, I will be sharing some tips on how to write a portrait of your child that can be referred to as an “All About Me” document.

To personalize this document, it can be created as though your child is writing it themselves in the first person. Share a photo of your child at the top of the page with a “Hi, my name is _”. Next you will want to share some other basic information including their age, grade, family members and hometown.

Other pertinent information may include the following topics below. I’ve include just a few examples in parenthesis to help you start thinking. However, it’s important that you add several examples in each category if that helps to represent your child more thoroughly. I recommend that your examples be added in bullet point form below each category as well.

Words people might use to describe me… (i.e. active, happy, curious, sweet)
Things people might say about me… (i.e. he gets excited about things he likes, she loves to cuddle)
Things I love to do… (i.e. playing with trains, reading books, swing, climb)
My favorite things include… (i.e. sand, animals, space ships)
Things I may do for others or in social situations… (i.e. try to join in, watch from the sidelines, tidy up if asked or reminded)
My challenges can include… (i.e. stopping an activity I enjoy doing a lot, stubborn, communicating my needs effectively)
Things I do not like… (i.e. lots of talking, crowded spaces, losing a game, making mistakes)
Things that make me anxious or scared…(i.e. loud noises, people touching me suddenly, when I don’t understand the rules)
I can get angry when… (i.e. someone takes my favorite toy away or turns off the computer)
My best forms of communication are … (i.e. showing what I want, using my I pad app, telling you directly though I might not always be clear)
I need some to support me when … (i.e. my school work is too hard and I don’t understand, when it’s time to transition to a busy area, at recess when there is lots of uncertainty)
When I get anxious or stressed I may show these signs… (i.e. covering my ears with my hands, making lots of noises, becoming more oppositional)
Strategies that usually work for me when I am stressed might be… (i.e. demonstrating what is to be expected, leaving the busy overwhelming environment and going to a quiet spot)
And finally, what you really should know about me… (i.e. I’m a great kid, I may need extra time to process transitions but if granted the time, can often ease into the new situation, forcing me doesn’t help).

I hope this helps you to share a picture of your whole child with his/her school. Each year you may also revise and update it as you child grows and develops. In part 3 of my blog series, I will share with you things to look for in the classroom and tips to share with the teacher.

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