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Using parents as a safe reference point for overcoming mental challenges


Learning to add flexibility to a predictable framework with the right amount of support for their child

Growth is possible with RDI

Relationship Development Intervention promotes social behavioral growth


Guiding and training parents using a safe and individualized framework unique to each family's style


Opening mental, self and neural developmental pathways for ongoing growth


Parents prepare to be guides by addressing their own emotional needs, support systems and learning. Consultants carefully conduct an individualized assessment of the student.


Parent's begin the process of building the student's motivation to engage in order to create experiences of joint engagement and shared enjoyment.

Growth Seeking

Parents learn how to construct experiences that will activate the child's growth-seeking drive and develop the Guiding Relationship (GR).

DI Foundations

As the GR develops, parents and students begin to build the foundations of Dynamic Intelligence.


The student begins to gradually take ownership of her own mental processing.

Self Guiding

The student is able to be her own guide and 'do' the mental work autonomously.Be ready for the next one
Mindful Guide Consuliting


On-Demand Parent Training

Online parent training classes for parents interested in whether the RDI® program is a right fit for your family.
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Lisa serves as a mentor and coach to help parents maintain focus and give guidance for next steps.
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Professional Group Training

Classes prepare professionals to work with special needs children and their parents, for remediation of Autism’s core deficits.
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Open Hours

Lisa is currently available for consultations for Professional training only

  • Mon-Fri: 9 AM – 6 PM
  • Saturday: Closed
  • Sunday: Closed

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