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NeurOptimal® Advanced Brain Training Systems

Mindful Guide Consulting Presents: NeurOptimal® Advanced Brain Training Systems

Dynamical Neurofeedback® is a technology developed by Zengar Institute Inc. and used in its NeurOptimal® neurofeedback training systems. Instead of providing specific “direction”, Dynamical Neurofeedback® is designed to take advantage of the brain’s natural learning processes by encouraging it to function as originally designed. NeurOptimal®’s neurofeedback trainers then simply promote and facilitate the brain’s natural tendency toward self regulation, resilience and flexibility.

How Does It Work?

The Dynamical Neurofeedback® technology is unique to the NeurOptimal® Trainer interface and is based on the
following observations regarding brain physiology:

  • Brain dynamics
  • Process variability
  • Functional targeting
  • Similarly
  • Process variability
  • Functional targeting

Dynamical Neurofeedback® is designed to monitor the brain’s electrical activity and – through audible feedback
interruptions – notify the brain when it is about to reach the edge of its stability in some region of function. There is nothing intrinsically problematic in reaching the edge of stability. It is precisely what happens when someone goes to sleep. The transition from wakeful consciousness to sleep occurs through a turbulent transition that is marked by the sudden onset of stability: wakefulness collapses as sleepiness emerges and then transitions rapidly into light sleep.

Though essential at least once every 24 hours, this natural transition into sleep would be problematic if it occurred while driving in rush hour. The NeurOptimal® system provides a signal, or feedback, to alert the brain that such a transition between states is about to occur. This notification prompts the brain to determine if the transition is desirable or problematic given the current conditions.

Dynamical Neurofeedback®, then, allows the brain to reconnect with its own internal resources to determine what is appropriate in various situations and how best to cope with this information. It is the NeurOptimal® system’s permeability with the brain’s natural processes that allows Dynamical Neurofeedback® to produce such positive effects for so many people regardless of what particular concerns prompted the neurofeedback training. Instead of “chasing problems”, the NeurOptimal® system simply prompts the brain to source its own internal, information-rich way of approaching the world across all situations.

This non-invasive prompting encourages the brain to return to far more efficient and effective operation regardless of internal and external challenges and demands. As a result, symptoms and problems simply drop away, seamlessly for most people.

Who Is NeurOptimal® For?

NeurOptimal® is for everyone! Children and adults can benefit from NeurOptimal® Advanced Brain Training Systems. If you are ready to learn more, get in touch now.


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