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Applying Dynamic Intelligence

When we talk about our intelligences, it can seem like dynamic intelligence is the "gold standard" of intelligence. And while RDI strives to equip children with the ability to think dynamically - static intelligence is nothing to shame or avoid. Static intelligence is...

Understanding Dynamic Intelligence

 I've often simplified this complex idea by describing it as "street smarts" and "book smarts"; I'm sure we've all used those phrases before. Dynamic intelligence is complex, and transcends beyond ASD education and therapy. Autistics and neurodivergent individuals may...

What is Dynamic Intelligence?

I like to say that simply put, dynamic intelligence is the "street smarts" that helps us humans to effectively manage our ever changing, cognitively complex, and emotionally charged world of today - NOW more than ever! Understanding dynamic intelligence is important...

RDI Was Perfect for my Family, it can be Perfect for Yours Too!

My life changed forever when I became a mom. My boys became my universe; my sun and my moon. If you know me or my story, you know that both of my boys are neuro-diverse and were diagnosed in their early years. I’m not going to lie; those days were rough. I felt...

Why Choose RDI?

Thousands of parents and educators have now realized that we can give our children and ourselves a second chance. We can create pathways to success and quality of life.


“Lisa is a gem. I spoke with three different consultants when we were investigating RDI, and while the other two are great as well, I can honestly say that I believe Lisa is the BEST in Canada.”

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