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Within the RDI Model, we believe that everyday activities with your ASD child can be utilized for mental growth!

Here is a fun activity you can try:

Create your own “I spy it” shaker

What you need:

  • Voss Water Bottle
  • Rice
  • Small items (toys you can buy at the dollar store or that you can find in your toy box!)

Exploring – Look for items that will fit inside the bottle and might be fun to look for. You can either send your child out to look for 5 things, or hold hands and search together for your items.

Experiment – What items will fit?

Predictions – Ask your child what items they think will fit and let them guess!

Perspective sharing – Comparing reactions to the things that you have both chosen. How do your items compare with their items – are they similar or different?

Monitoring states of enthusiasm / creative collaboration – Does my partner agree with my ideas?

Mental engagement / indirect prompting practice – Provide clues, see if your child can deduce what you are thinking.

Referencing – He/she can point to the item that they think is the one you are referring to, and check with you, by you giving a head nod yes or head shake no.

Coordination – Each holding one side of the bottle or taking turns shaking.


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