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COVID 19, Autism and RDI – My Hope for Families

I have been a “glass half-full” kinda gal most of my adult life.  That wasn’t always the case.  As a child, I had a lot of anxieties for various reasons that were manifested in fear of sleep, recurring nightmares and doomsday thinking.  Case in point,...

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Autism Reflection and Prospection

Thinking About the Past, Moving Forward to the Future Now that Christmas is over, hopefully you will all experience some much anticipated rest.  During this down time, it is a good time to reflect on the prior year and take time to consider the future.  What are your...

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Planning for Playdates This Christmas

When I talk to parents about their hopes and dreams for their child with autism, their answers are often very similar.  What do they want? They want their child to have a friend. That is the number one thing they desire. I help parents understand the steps in...

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Why Choose RDI?

Thousands of parents and educators have now realized that we can give our children and ourselves a second chance. We can create pathways to success and quality of life.


“Lisa is a gem. I spoke with three different consultants when we were investigating RDI, and while the other two are great as well, I can honestly say that I believe Lisa is the BEST in Canada.”

– A.D. York Region