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Autism and Long Term Perspective

Attributes That Lead to a Long-term Quality of Life When children receive a diagnosis of autism, parents often start frantically looking for answers.  It’s easy to become focused on the behaviours associated with autism. However, it is important to understand the...

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Connecting to Learn at School

Building motivation to learn through relationship development When thinking about the many strategies that parents and teachers may implement to help kids transition into a new school year, developing a relationship with students should never be over looked or...

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Activities to Help Promote ASD Growth

Within the RDI Model, we believe that everyday activities with your ASD child can be utilized for mental growth! Here is a fun activity you can try: Create your own "I spy it" shaker What you need: Voss Water Bottle Rice Small items (toys you can buy at the dollar...

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Why Choose RDI?

Thousands of parents and educators have now realized that we can give our children and ourselves a second chance. We can create pathways to success and quality of life.


“Lisa is a gem. I spoke with three different consultants when we were investigating RDI, and while the other two are great as well, I can honestly say that I believe Lisa is the BEST in Canada.”

– A.D. York Region

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